Friday, August 24, 2012

A Better Site

Hello everyone!
My old site has been a hassle, and I finally decided to bring it into the world of php. I will no longer post here. Instead I will post on my redone site.


Friday, August 10, 2012

The Updating Mechanism

My game will be developed for a long time, so the need to have an updating mechanism to make updating easy. I will probably code the updating mechanism myself. I will probably use the http protocol to transfer the files to the client. The files will be stored on an ordinary webserver, with a config file holding the data about which files to download, version number, etc. This config file will be the first that the client downloads. The file will hold a serialized java object with classes and methods to download each file.

Since java locks jar files while they are being used, there would have to be another jar that updates the game then runs the main jar, then allowing the main jar to be removed then the new jar placed in it's place.

Thank you for following my development!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another Random Update...

First of all, sorry for not posting in a while. I have been distracted by things other than my game, and I have not been working on it as much. I have been working on it yesterday and I am going to today. The terrain generation is hard to manage having an infinitely expandable world, and even just managing which parts of the world to keep loaded. I think that I have it just about figured out, but I probably wont add terrain generation in the next update. The next update will probably have non-infinite maps, and they will be just flat. I will add building and destroying and hopefully that will make it better.

I am expecting the next update in a few months, maybe less (hopefully). I will not add multiplayer until I get a good, enjoyable game with a reasonable amount of features, and a reasonably small amount of bugs, good performance, etc....

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or advice to give me, you can go to my forum. I have quite a few members so far, and the community is growing steadily.

For those who don't know where to download the very boring first release, HERE is the download link. Thank you for following the slow development of my game!


Saturday, June 30, 2012


I have just finished making installers for my game. An installer is a program that puts the files needed to run a program on a users machine. It also may create shortcuts for easy use of the program. For my installer, I used an xml-based tool called IzPack. I also used launch4j to make exes for windows.

IzPack uses an XML (eXtensive Markup Language) file to tell it where to get files, and where they belong. The shortcuts are created using an XML file as well. I found this tutorial helpful for using IzPack. For using launch4j, the main site helped.

This is a rather short post, as there isn't much to say about installers, but hopefully this will help some game devs out there!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The First Results

I have not posted in a while. My apologies, but I'm sure you would like to see some screenshots, so here's the first one. You can not destroy or build yet, and this was all created in the code.

The performance for this game is very good. I am getting at least 60fps on a 10 year old computer so far, but let me add some more features, and the fps will hopefully stay high.

The game currently can not be downloaded or played yet. I am working on a deployment solution, and should have it ready by the release date.

The screenshot is not much yet, and all you can do is move around, and there is a bad background.... etc. I am working on the game and I will try to solve this. I also will have to work on the textures to make it smoother. This post is just to show you that I am actually making progress.

Thank you for following the development of my game!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How Exactly Does My Game Work?

My game is going to have lots of functions, so it's code will be rather complex. The list of things to do in the game are things like "process AI", or "generate map", or even just "run". The code in my game just runs in a loop. Only one thing is being processed at a time. This would be an example game loop:

--> Process AI--> Check Input --> Process Input--> Recieve/Send Multiplayer data --> update screen --> restart

How does the computer change if it just keeps repeating one loop? The loop just receives data and outputs a result. Each loop, it changes variables, and the computer saves those for the next loop. Computer programming goes in one path, but has infinitely possible paths.

My game starts up and loads the main menu. After that, it's loop is to receive input, change variables, and output the screen. If the player clicks "play game" then it gives some data to another loop that starts generating the map. The game's status is changed to "playing" and the AI, sound, etc. starts. I hope this post was interesting about how my game will work!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Where My Game Was Inspired

My game was inspired mainly by Minecraft. The idea of my own voxel based game, that I could control was too much to pass up. In addition, I had learned a lot of Java (a programming language as opposed to coffee) and I had nothing to program with it. I also was interested in video game programming, and was learning about 2-d video games. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head, and that idea is 3-D. I was going to learn about 3-D games. You may say "Why don't you wait for Minecraft to stop development like Minecraft waited for Infi-Craft?". If I waited until Minecraft closed up shop, I would be waiting a long time, so I decided to start.

Where is my game inspired besides Minecraft? Probably the HUGEST source of my inspiration is Minecraft mods. My idea for electricity is based on a Minecraft mod called Industrial-Craft. This mod is amazing, and is a great idea. I have decided to add a similar system to my game. Also, one of my favorite pass-times is a game called "King Arthur's Gold". It is a 2-D version of Minecraft tuned to fighting. Multi-player is my favorite part. I am inspired by this game for more fights in my game.

Another source of inspiration is Ace Of Spades. Although I could not get it to work on my computer, the game play of Minecraft mixed with FPS seemed great. You just need to manufacture your ammo and weapons in my game. This will add so much more to my game, fighting over territory, and trying to control as much land as possible.

What about death in my game? My inspiration is Mario! The classic Nintendo version of 1-ups and game over is great. I just need to modify the idea a little bit. You have a certain number of lives to start with, and you can earn lives by gaining experience or finding a special mineral. If you got a game over, you would have to re-spawn randomly in the INFINITE WORLD. Don't worry, there is probably going to be only a few servers, and a lot of people so you will be able to find someone to build with.

With all these inspirations, I am going to have a lot more than just different colors of wood to add in my updates. I am going to have lots of  everything in my game, and you get all the fun you could hope for in one un-modded version of my game. (Yes, I am against modding on my game) Even without mods, my game should be awesome! (the first version will be a little stale though) As usual, thanks for reading.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trading, Electricity, Binary Power, And Lives

In my game, there could be a form of currency, or there could be barter. I am thinking about just making it with barter. There could be a special type of container that holds items your colony is willing to barter. When you are ready to trade, you can go to a neutral or allied colony and right click on their trade chest.

To prevent people from trading things without the teams permission, there could be a vote for each trade. The ability to trade with other colonies will open more possibilities to the games MMOG mode.

Electricity was inspired by a mod for minecraft. You can generate electricity from solar panels, generators, geo thermal energy, etc. You can use energy to macerate ores, smelt things in the place of a furnace, use weapons, and provide lighting. Electricity is just my way of expanding my game and making it more complex.

Binary Power is a way of replacing "Redstone" from Minecraft. In Minecraft, redstone provides free power. Binary power is a way to use elecricity to make an On/Off circuit. Electricity will not be On/Off, and therefore is not good for controlling a system of motors, lights, etc. I saw the need for a type of power that is either on or off, and that is where Binary Power comes in.

In my game, you are obviously going to die a few times. It really isn't fair if you die and respawn in the middle of nowhere, or if there is no penalty and you just respawn. In order to fix this, I have adopted the idea for a lives system similar to Mario Bros. You can gain more lives by making a special item, or finding a certain crystal in space. If you run out of lives, you get a game over and respawn randomly.

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Decisions...

I have been telling people that my game would have realistic models. I may have to reconsider that. Making all the animals look realistic (not cube-like) would take a lot more time, and it wouldn't quite blend in to the blocky world. I have come to the conclusion that the animals will be blocky, but they will have a realistic texture, as in the blocks.

How realistic are the textures? The textures are 512x512px for the blocks (as compared to 16x16px in Minecraft), and probably more realistic for the animals. I will try to make it look as good for its size as I can. Some of the objects may look weird, but this game is based on voxels (those little, persistant, annoying cubes that make the world).

What about the performance? With such large textures, it may crash some peoples computer to be rendering a world of them. I decided to make an optional 64x64px texture pack. Well, it's easier reducing resolution than it is to raise it. If it still lags for some people, I may even make a 32px, or 16px.

Minecraft lacks the feeling of FPS. You can't really have a true fight with other players. You can just kill them for their items. In my game, you will have to build a fort, and defend it. Also, with a 3-d play, it would be easy to mine into a base. To make it harder to do that, there will be a longer mining time for blocks, and a louder noise when mining.

With all these changes, I hope that you will enjoy my game, and continue to play it (when it is released, at least). Also, there will be a forum after V1.0.0, and some other little tweaks and changes to the site. I am learning how to make a good website as I go, so please be courteous when you comment on my site.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Why My Game Is A Total "Indie" Game

Well? Why is my game a total "indie" game? Indie game means that you publish the game yourself. I am doing that, so what makes it "total"? For one, I am making this game myself, from textures, all the way to code. What else is a good reason? This blog is maintained by me, (but hosted on google), as well as the main site. You may have seen some of the old, buggy site versions. Right now, my site has been majorly updated about 3 times, not counting small updates.

Well, there still seems to be more that I do by myself, or plan to do by myself. I am thankful for google hosting my blog now on blogger, but eventually, I plan on setting up a web/dns server to host my own site. You don't need to understand that, but basically, I am planning to run a machine that hosts my site.

Do I have any help on anything? Yes, of course I have some help. All of you readers are my help! By reading my blog, and providing attention, you support my game. If no person is part of my game when the forums come out, (yes, I said forums) and the game is released, my game will be an EPIC FAIL!!!

What else do I have help on? Ok, so no body actually helps my physically on the project, but I get lots of tips and help from the LWJGL Forums. I would not be able to even start on this project without their help. I also receive moral support from the Epic Inventor Forums, who are kind enough to let me link to my site from the forums. Anyway, I appreciate the motivation from the people at the Epic Inventor Forums.

What is the point of this post? The point is to tell you "I am making this game totally by myself", so you know that by supporting my game, you are supporting an indie programmer, not some big company like Nintendo, or EA. This also enables me to make my game  free for a while. Anyone who registers during V1.0.0 gets a free account forever. If you don't register before a few updates, you will have to pay for the game. Remember to register early, and you get a free copy!

Thanks for your support,

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ideas For More Animals

In my game, I will add animals, but they each need to have a function. Some animals will be for food, others for help or defense. However, some of the animals need to be dangerous. To fill the place of dangerous animals, I have some ideas. My game needs one animal that sticks out, and is unique about my game. One idea that I have speculated about is for two fictional creatures. The "lava snatcher" and the "water snatcher". The lava snatcher would hide in lava and pull you in when you approach. The lava snatcher would pull you into water and try to drown you. The purpose of these mobs are danger.

There also needs to be some animals/mobs that are useful. My ideas are the monkey, and the dwarf. Monkeys would attack you if you attack them, but if you tame them, they will collect bananas from banana trees and either bring them to you or put it in a special backpack you make it. Dwarves would be tamed by gold, and they would mine for you. If you make a special dwarve chest, the dwarves put all mined goods in the chest. They also may steal some gold though...

Obviously, killing monkeys and dwarves is not a good way to get food. Therefore, I am adding animals like cows, chickens, pigs, and possibly more. Cows would give you milk if you use a bucket on them. Bulls are aggressive if you attack it or another cow. They will also attack red blocks. Hens will drop eggs randomly in the morning if they have a good nest. If there is a rooster nearby, the eggs have a chance of hatching. Pigs are for just food. Boars are aggressive if you come close to it or a sow.

Also, spawning animals randomly in a map is not very realistic. If animals are infinite, then you would not protect them or consider them a commodity. In my game, going on a "chicken killing spree" has it's prices. I want animals to be a resource, and for it to be valuable to start a farm. That also provides one more thing to protect from bears, etc. Just remember when you are playing my game, and you find two chickens, you can "KILL!!" or you can breed them (no unneccesary details/animations...) and get more chickens.

I hope this post was enjoyable, and also comment on your animal ideas!!


Friday, April 27, 2012

What Makes This Game Different?

This game is different for a number of ways. Some people might forget about my game because it is a "knock off" of a similar game. That is not true. My game is different because it introduces a defence, or colonization aspect. You must fight against other players, and dangerous animals. You start out, then you start or join a colony and fight other colonies. The game combines sandbox, rpg, mmog, and fps modes together into a smooth gameplay.

Why does the defence and colonization part make my game different? In similar games, it is about building, not defence against other players. In my game, you have to build a town that can maintain itself. You must manufacture weapons and work together to survive.

Whats with the "start out" part? Doesn't that make it kind of have a wierd story? The answer for that is that my game is a sandbox game. It doesn't really have much of a story, and so you make the story as you go. If you have ever gotten bored of a game until you install mods, then the developers arent adding the stuff you want. Being 13, I know what I want, and what some other people want. I have not only looked at other "knock offs" of minecraft to find the good parts of those games, but also at mods for minecraft.

My game is a combination of several games, aspects to games, and mods to games. Although it is not yet finished (I'm on it), it has a great concept (I think) and I hope you will decide to give it a try on it's release date (July 27, 2012). Of course, the first version will not be that entertaining, so you will have to keep your interest untill it gets more fun!

Thanks for your interest!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Future Web Site Plans

My web site is not in *Cough* the best *Cough* condition... I have been learning html on that site, so you can either think "wow, this web site stinks! I am never coming back!" or you can think "wow, the person who is making this game did this all by himself!" Either way is a fair assumption, but I hope my *cough* web site doesn't deter people... (The point of this post: "working on a better site ;)")

Thank You For Your Support

This game does not even exist yet, and I have already gotten a lot of people that like my game. For those of you who are a part of my game at this time, I would like to thank you for your attention! As you are giving my game so much attention, it is only fair that I give you all a progress report page (look to the navbar) so you can see how I am doing.

Once more,
Thanks for all your attention!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No more posts until easter

I will not make any more posts on this blog until Easter due to the lenten season.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let Me Set The Theme For My Game...

In my game, you are a person that crashed from a plane in the middle of nowhere. You are lost, injured, and beaten... Luckily, you have the will to survive! You must use your resources, Build your colony with other players, and fight of enemies.

You can play in a world where you control what you do, and build what you want. You can enjoy playing with friends, journeying to the deepest caves, or even travel to the sky world! You can build anything, but you just have to collect the resources. If you run out of resources, you must fight to control more land!

As this game is called "The FIGHT For Survival", you must fight for your survival. This game is a combination of RPG, MMOG, FPS, Sandbox, and Crafting games into a smooth, enjoyable game-play. When this game is done, it should be a very fun game!

Just so you know, this game is not a knock-off!!! This game is a combination of all the good parts of many different games. The feature of MMOG was from another game, as was FPS. Sandbox play was a good point from another game, and I decided to work my game from there. RPG is a result of the addition of the other facts, and, it should help polish it off!

In my game, I have done a lot of research on good and bad features from games. In FPS games, the maps aren't exactly a sandbox. In sandbox, you don't get guns out of the box (you have to mod it). With MMOG, there is an uncontrolled environment that allows lots of bad language. This game is just a piece of everything put together into a smooth, flowing game!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

512 Pixel Textures

I have been working on my game, TFFS, and I have made a lot of
realistic textures. You can see some of the textures on the right side of this post. They are diamond, gold, dirt, stone, water, and lava.

I made these textures using Corel Photoshop Pro X3, and a bunch of images I found on the internet. For diamond, I used a
square quartz texture, and layered it onto a stone texture. Then, I erased everything except what is showing, and darkened the edges, and the area around it.

For gold, I did the same thing as diamond. For dirt, I layered a couple of smaller dirt textures together. For stone, I took a big texture, cropped it, and mirror/flipped the image into four
segments, then made it look natural.

The water texture is an example of a seamless texture that does not look natural. It looks symmetrical on all four sides, and has unnatural lines. I can work on this so that it looks more natural, and add some animation to it!

I hope this post showed you that my game will be fun!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Improvements On My Game

My game, TFFS, is meant to have a somewhat realistic play, and a mix between realistic and cartoonish textures. In a previous post, I showed some textures. Those textures are probably going to only be optional (for slow computers). I am working on better 512x512 textures, and should be able to show some of them soon.

As for models, they will have a blocky feel, but more realistic textures. The players will have a look that is somewhat realistic, but still cartoon-like. In my game, I will try and make good animals, blocks, items, player skins, and menus. If any part of my game doesn't feel as sleek as it could be, please tell me!

My concept of space in the game is that there are mostly blocks, that are lined up. In the world of blocks, there are also animals, vehicles, players, and machines. The all blocks take up a certain area, but some blocks are placed together, or affect other blocks. For instance, water moves to other blocks, and fire spreads. There could be magnets that move other magnets, and trees that grow.

In my game, when a tree grows, it starts out as a plant. It grows into a bigger plant, and it eventually turns into blocks of wood and leaves. As it gets older, it grows bigger and thicker. Trees may reach heights of several blocks, and thicknesses of 2 blocks. Trees will also spread naturally.

Animals will spawn during map generation, and will not spawn again. Instead, animals breed. In other words, pests can be controlled, and good animals can be sustained. In this game, animals become a commodity that can't be wasted. You can tame horses, or catch cows, even befriend monkeys. There will be a wide variety of animals, ready to catch!

Thank you for your interest.

Friday, February 10, 2012

What I Need To Do To Finish My Game

My game will be very advanced, and have a very complicated system. Sometimes, I am intimidated by the fact that I have to write all of the code. My game has a lot of features. My game will have animals, crafting, random terrain, mmog, etc. I have a lot of coding to do..

This is a small insight of what I have to do:
  1. Startup Window
  2. Username Check (eventually)
  3. LWJGL Start
  4. Physics
  5. Terrain Generation
  6. Main Menu
  7. Animation
  8. Sound
  9. Music
  10. Block Script
  11. Chunk Saving
  12. Chunk Loading
  13. Weather (eventually)
  14. Seasons (eventually)
  15. Temperature (eventually)
  16. Crafting
  17. Special Effects
  18. Textures
  19. Distribution
  20. Block Selection
  21. Chunk Removal
  22. AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  23. Multi-player
  24. Server
  25. Chat Box
  26. Seed Service (my game uses seeds, so this is a way to keep track of your favorite ones)
  27. Day/Night

Well, now you know a little more about what I have to do for my game (indie game). I hope that my game (and also first actual java application....) will work quite nicely. Probably, I will put up a block list for all of the planned blocks. Thank you so much for following my game's development!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

A List Of Blocks In My Game

In my game, I expect to have many blocks and items eventually (several hundred). So far, I have a long way to go, but I am getting started. My game will have lots of crafting recipes, so I will make lots of resources. In my game, there will also be a lot of vehicles, and animals, providing more uses for resources, and more sources. (Yes, I will be working on the textures.)

So far, I have the following resources:

  • Dirt
  • Stone
  • Wood (Oak, Apple, Pine, Latex)
  • Sand
  • Leaves (Oak, Apple, Pine, Latex)
  • Water
  • Lava
  • Bamboo
  • Banana
  • Sugar Cane
  • Bamboo Wall
  • Sugar Cane Wall
  • Banana Wall
  • Glass
  • Coal
  • Gold Ore
  • Iron Ore
  • Bauxite (aluminum ore)
  • Copper Ore
  • Laapis Lazuli
  • Grass
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Pumpkin
  • Mushroom (jack-o-lantern, red, brown)
  • Giant Venus Fly Trap Seeds
  • Rubber
  • Wire
  • Circuits (a compact version of a circuit)
  • Flowers (red, yellow, blue)
  • Openable Window
  • Crafting Table
  • Electric Table
  • Butchering Table
  • Vehicle Flat
  • And Much, Much More....

As you have read, I have lots of ideas for items and blocks. If I get enough attention, I will continue to update, and add most of these things. Those images are just to show that I am actually working on the game, and to give you a look at my game. I may eventually add an optional HD texture pack. If you have any comments, ideas for plants, blocks, items, or ores, please comment!

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Company's Future

I am making a game off of what I believe to be a great idea. If my game goes well, and lots of people buy it, I am planning on making a sequel. In my sequel, I will probably make it more realistic, with better graphics. In my first game, I plan on making it myself, but I will probably accept some of the ideas given to me.

At first, this started out as a rough idea, and it went to a great idea (I think so, comment to tell me otherwise). Finally, I have started the code. I plan on updating it for a long time, and then probably releasing it for free. I expect it to be done this summer. You may say that I am wasting my time telling you so early.

Why aren't I making it free? I am not making it free so that I can continue to develop it as a job, and dedicate more time to it. I can also advertise, and make the MMOG part more fun. My game will also have a more professional experience.

How will my game be sold? It will be sold online with a downloadable installer. You will create a free account to play the free version, and you can upgrade to a full account to play online.

Thank you for supporting my game!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Terrain Generation In TFFS

My game will have more than 1,000,000,000,000,000 maps! How do I store that many maps in a downloadable file? (Or even make that many) How do I add one Gazillion maps to my game, but still keep the download size reasonable? It's called 3-D multifractual perlin noise. It takes numbers and letters, and turns it into a flowing, beautiful map.

But how does it work? How do I turn a seed like "183h91bc9d90dbnd" into a map? First I need to turn the seed into an integer. But I still don't have a map. I only have "183648951598459" (example). I am going to need a lot more numbers than that, but, I still want the map to be dependent on the seed (same seed = same map). To get more numbers, I use Java's seeded random number generator, and whenever I need a number, I just ask for one (they are still dependent on the seed!).

How do I make it 3-D? Simply, it looks at each block and checks whether it is solid. In more technical terms, it interpolates between eight points (see picture) using 1-D perlin noise. Eventually, it returns the answer to whether or not it is solid based on weights (if the weight is between 0 and 1, it is solid).

But what about caves? Imagine, you are without any resources to build a house, and you can't sleep in a cave because I never implemented cave generation. You generate a 2-D heightmap, and then use 3-d perlin noise to variate it in the different layers. Now you don't have to be robbed by raccoons (too bad you didn't have resources, anyway) and eaten by bears!

Thanks for following my development!


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The AI Involved In My Game

My game has a huge list of animals, which means that adding a good AI (Artificial Intellingence) system might be a good use of my time. What exactly is AI? AI is a way to make computers "smart". Computers are uniform, and always return the same result if given the same parameters. Animals are not exactly uniform like that squirrel in the photo.

To make the animals "random", but still base their decision on input from a player, you could use input like the system time for the "random" part of the AI, and the player input for the controlled part. For instance, an animal wouldn't just fall into a hole without it being camouflaged, so now there is another addition to my game. You could have blocks that are camouflaged for pitfalls.

Also, in a similar game, the wolves always drown under a block if you aren't careful. There is another reason for AI. If dwarves that mined for you didn't know how to branch mine, they wouldn't be a very good use of your gold when you tamed them with it. And with monkeys, if they didn't know how to farm, it wouldn't be a very good use of your bananas.

With all these reasons, let's start to think about concept. You need to use numbers, numbers, and more numbers to get a smart decision. Computers don't recognize the block id as "solid" or "non-solid". They just see it as "a number". I need to create code that recognizes the id's and determines a path to take. After all, I don't want the pigs in my game to be suicidal by jumping off a cliff!

So how do I tell the animals where to go? You could classify each of the blocks as "dangerous", "neutral", "liquid", etc. Based on these decisions, an animal could go towards the blocks that are attractive to that animal, and away from the ones that are dangerous. But what about carnivores? how does it decide which mob to target on an infinite map? You could separate the mobs into areas, and only inform the carnivore of the mobs in the area.

I hope this gives you an idea of my game's AI!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Main TFFS Web Site

TFFS had a web site, this is currently offline. My site is being constructed so that it will have a better look and feel. My old site just didn't pop out at you when you saw it, so I am making a better one (it was my second web site). My new site uses a combination of HTML and CSS. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) was one of the first forms of visual web pages. HTML is becoming slowly more obsolete, but it is still a popular format, especially when used with CSS.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is another powerful tool for making web sites. You don't need CSS, but it gives you a great number of abilities:

*You can change EVERY page by only changing ONE CSS document
*It allows code to be reused
*It is not complicated (Neither is HTML)
*It uses less memory on huge sites
*It allows a large amount of change to be made to your site

I was convinced as soon as I knew what I was doing.

HTML, or HyperText Markup Language is like the parent of all markup languages. It showed that a markup language can have a lot of power. When you view a web site made with HTML, your browser sends the domain name (example: to your ISP's (Internet Service Provider) DNS (Domain Name Server) system, which pings (sends a request) other DNS servers to find the site's IP address. After this, your computer connects to that IP address and requests the .html file you are looking for. If that file needs a .css file, it does all those steps again, but for the .css file.

You will have to excuse me for my geeky posts, right now, I am hiring no-one except a web host. Right now, I do:

3-D Modeling
Java programming
HTML programming
3-D Engine programming
CSS programming
Image editing
Sound editing
Some of the music

Now, hopefully, you understand the huge process that goes on in a split second to bring you my site!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Company Plan And It's History

My game started as a simple idea ("a 3-D game"). I was learning how to program 2-D games for java, and then I got curious about making it 3-D. I started using Google, my favorite search engine, and I found a lot of resources about 3-D engines in java. I chose a powerful engine called lwjgl to do the job.

The Idea of a sandbox world made of blocks is obviously a really great idea. I have played other similar games, and I liked the idea a lot. However, something was missing, and I did not fully enjoy the games. I feel that the missing feature is a goal. In my game, the goal is fighting against other colonies to control more land, manufacturing resources to do so, and then expand your colony. You may not think that this is enough of a goal. Neither do I. To solve this, I am making experience, levels, and making certain blocks craftable at a certain level. You will also be able to buy more heath, fatigue, hunger limits, etc.

My game and it's site is not at it's professional state right now. At this point, I am just a kid on a computer, typing away the day (that's right, one man job). Even though it is not going to be professional at the first version, it will be something entertaining. If I get enough support at the early versions, I can make the site better, and the game better. At first, I am running the game on an eight year old computer, so I still have some hardware to buy.

My game will be updated, about every couple of months. The game's first few versions will probably be released under Creative Commons, but when it is updating, the newest few versions will be supported with the MMOG system, while old ones will be single player. What is creative commons? Creative commons is a way to claim ownership for my work but enable people to distribute it. If you share this site or the Main Site with your friends, I can buy a new server and make multiplayer better.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Fight For Survival; A List Of Decisions

In my game, there will be a very dynamic gameplay, with many different animals. In a computer game, there are not as many things to do as in real life, but to bring more action to the game, I have a big list of things I am putting in my game (eventually). A great majority of the list is more animals. I am putting in a huge number of animals, each with a few big rolls.

In a computer game, there is not as much input/output, and that makes it harder to give a good gameplay. I have to bring a good game to the controls available. With a mouse, you can turn your view, and with a keyboard you can move. With a HUD (Heads Up Display), you can tell how much health, fatigue and hunger you have.

I have a big list of items, actions, blocks, etc. to put in my game. Some of these are:

The Aether (Sky Dimension)
The Underworld (Lava underground cave system)
Big boats (for long trips at sea)
Huge oceans, small islands
Infinite Multiplayer map (or at least as infinite as my server's capacity)
Hunger, Thirst, and Fatigue (fatigue makes you pass out and lose health)
Colonies, towns, cities, HUGE WARS!
Pirates (raid your ship at sea)
Hobos (they attack you)
Dangerous animals are very aggressive at night (don't worry, no zombies)

I also have more ideas, but those are some of the significant ones. If you have more ideas, please comment!

I have a good list of animals to put in the game. I will probably add:

Monkeys (tamable)
Dwarves (tamable)
Wolves (tamable)
Horses (tamable)
Falcon (tamable)
Giant Venus Fly Traps (plantable)


Traveler (sells you magic beans to go to the aether)

I think that that list is pretty good, however, I still need more dangerous animals, and tamable animals (please comment!). I hope this brought my game's concept more to light!


Monday, January 23, 2012

An Overview Of My Game

I am making a game about survival. It will be called "The Fight For Survival"©, using a popular theme of a sandbox game made of blocks. It will be an RPG, MMOG, and FPS. In my game, you play with people around the world, trying to survive against other colonies. When you join a server, you start out as a part of no colony. You can choose to start a colony, or join an existing colony. At night, wild animals attack your colony (including bears, raccoons, alligators, jaguars; The list goes on!)

The game will be released and sold on a different site, but this is the temporary site for news on my game. In my game, I will try to make it as much fun, excitement, and action as I can fit into a MMOG/RPG/FPS! Follow my game's development and I will keep working on it for a long time!

Is my game another knockoff of a similar "Mining and Crafting" game? You may think so. This is not true. My game is an attempt to create a similar game with a different (and I believe better) Concept. My game is BASED on that "Mining and Crafting" game. I hope that you give my game a chance and follow it's development. If you like my game's concept, please become a member of my blog.